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Skin fittings

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An important part of making the boat water tight again was refitting and sealing all the skin fittings under the water line we removed as part of the cleaning up the hull for repainting.

As all the original skin fittings were in quite a mess and the cockpit drains did not have valves to allow them to be turned off in the event of a burst pipe we decided to replace most of the skin fittings with new ones for both safety and cosmetic reasons.

Replacement cockpit drain skin fitting fitted and sealed before excess sealant is removed.

View of new cockpit fitting under hull

View of new cockpit drain in cockpit

New engine intake fitted and old speed log being removed as it no longer works and you can’t get spares for it any longer.

View of engine intake and old log hanging off


New sink outlet fitted.

View of sink drain skin fitting on underside of hull above keel

New toilet inlet skin fitting.

View of toilet intake skin fitting below water line.

The toilet outtake skin fitting is still in good condition and has the right type of valve so we decided to just clean it up grease it and refit rather than replace it.

View of toilet outtake skin fitting from inside.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2009 15:11