Leisure 22 Gaia

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Cleanup the keels

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When the boat was hauled out of the water and washed down it was quite apparent that there was quite a lot of surface rust on the keels and as such it would be a good idea to clean them up and seal them against further corrosion before putting the boat back in the water.

Picture of the boat sitting in yard


The following two photos show the keels before they were cleaned up and resealed.

Side view of starboard twin Keel before cleanup View of the inside of portside Keel before cleanup

We chipped all the old paint and surface rust off before letting Tommy our boat builder take over the job. He then used an air scrabbel gun to finish the clean up job before first treating them with rust remover then secondly painted them with an underwater steel primer.

Side view of the starboard Keel and inside of portside keel after removing old paint/rust View of keels after resealing

Finally the finished job in a nice shade or blue.

View of keels after painting


Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2009 15:12