Leisure 22 Gaia

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Repairing the skeg

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It would appear that the both skeg and rudder on our Leisure 22 have both been damaged at some point. When we checked the skeg after taking the boat out the water we noticed there was rather a lot of movement in the skeg.


Even before stripping the antifouling, we could see a slight space between the hull and the top of the Skeg on one side.

Rudder and skeg before antifouling was stripped off

After removing the old skeg from the boat and cleaning it up a bit, we could see that the top section had split away from the part that fits onto the hull.

top view of damaged skeg

After speaking to the Leisure Owners Association and learning that on older Leisure 22's the steel work inside the skegs was not always made from marine grade stainless steel, we decided the best course of action would be to have a new skeg fabricated rather than repairing ours.

So we ordered a new one through the Leisure Owners Association and two weeks later our new skeg arrived.

new skeg in packaging

As you can see the old skeg from our Leisure 22 and the new Skeg we were supplied for our boat are quite different - after some more consultation with the Leisure Owners Association it would seem that there were two designs of skeg used on the Leisure 22: the design used on older boats and the newer design we were supplied, which is also used on the Leisure 23 and 23SL from what we understand.

Side view of old and new skeg Top view of old and new skeg

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