Leisure 22 Gaia

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Repairing the rudder

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It would appear that the both skeg and rudder on our Leisure 22 have both been damaged at some point. The fiberglass of the rudder had then been repaired badly but no attempt appears to have been made to fix the skeg.

Before we even stripped off the antifouling, we could see that there was some damage to the rudder at the top and bottom which had been repaired in the past.

Rudder and skeg in situ with boat on the hard standing

After we stripped off the antifouling we could see that the previous repair had not been done very well and would require to be redone properly. The repaired top section of the rudder was not firmly attached and the bottom section of the rudder had a small hole in it.

Rudder and skeg after antifouling was stripped off

The following three photos show the repair in progress and the finished repaired rudder.

Top of rudder being repaired Top of rudder being repaired Top and bottom of rudder after repair

Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2009 15:24