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Home Initial refit Stripping the paint off the hull ready for repainting

Stripping the paint off the hull ready for repainting

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When we first viewed the boat we quickly decided that if we purchased her we would have to have her repainted, as her existing paint was looking rather tired and somewhat the worse for wear.

The process of removing all the old paint and preparing the hull to be repainted proved a much slower process than we originally expected. We had originally hoped to strip off all the old paint over two or three weekends, but the work actually required about two weeks work over the course of a two month period in order to remove all the old paint.


Picture of boat painted red

Due to the hull of the boat being made from GRP, using normal paint stripper is not advisable as it contains a harsh solvent called Methylene Chloride which has the potential to damage the boats gel coat; as such we had to use a special marine paint stripper instead. As you can see from the first picture of the paint coming off, taken the first Saturday after a day spent trying to strip the paint off our boat, removing all of the paint has been a rather slow process as it required three or four applications of marine paint stripper in order to get through all of the layers of paint. Luckily removing the anti-fouling was a lot easier with only one application of stripper required to remove all the old layers.

Picture of hull after removing most of the anti-fouling

After a few days of stripping red paint off with the paint stripper it was then time to move on to using wet and dry to finish off the paint removal process.

Picture of hull after removing most of the red paint

Picture of hull after removing the remaining red paint

When we had finally finished removing all the red paint from the hull of the boat, we then spent two days sanding all the old varnish off the rubbing strakes. That way we will not end up damaging the new paint removing the old vanish later on so we can treat all the woodwork close to the area of the hull that we are having repainted.

Picture of hull after sanding down ready for undercoat

While we were stripping off all the old layers of paint, we uncovered two stickers with the model and builders details on them. Sadly they were both too badly damaged by being painted over followed by the process of removing all the layers of paint again a number of years later to save. But we photographed the most legible one for our records.

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